KARINLEV – Boutique Studio that provides services to Printing & digital services. The studio specializes in branding, design, advertising, Web Development, User Interface more …
We offer a variety of services with a lot of experience, love of design, creativity and originality.
The Studio was established in 2008 by Levy Karin, after over 10 years of experience as a designer and art-director for the largest design and advertising offices in the country.
Boutique Studio has its own advantages, each project is unique and attention goes directly to the customer and he can get full value for his needs. We understand the customer’s need to be unique and original and yet achieve business and marketing goals.
This understanding is what makes our studio unique and original, and allows us to get the best results.

We do what we love and what we are good at. We believe you’ll love working with us, try us, we’re different.

Here are three of our main advantages. . .

1| Direct personal contact

The studio has established a strong thinking and understanding of a direct personal contact needs without any barriers and interference in order to get the attentive and personal service possible. this connection allows full attention with attractive rates without brokerage fees.

2| All in one place

We offer a comprehensive solution to all amenities new or existing business needs, so that all components are compatible and consistent,
such as:
Design and Branding – Building a brand including logos, business cards, stationery, catalogs, and more…
Designing and web development – design and development websites, mobile Web apps, banners, Minisite, landing pages, etc.
Advertising and Marketing – in print and web media: press, social networks, Google etc… Design Ads, roll – up, billboards and more …

3| Some sketches you want…

We believe that there is a common interest to both parties to get the best result and satisfaction both within the project time frame.
Therefore, if you limit the amount of sketches how its unlimited number of sketches?